K254 Pilaster Plinth

K254 Pilaster Plinth

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(112.90 exc. VAT)
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The broad Orac K254 plinth measures 53.5cm in height and 39cm in breadth. Each unit projects some 6.5cm off the wall, and crucially if used for exterior applications will not rot, crack or warp.

Made for a hardened polyurethane, Duroploymer, this material is harder than most soft woods yet any damage that does occur over time can be repaired in exactly the same way. Install using our formulated adhesive and finish with a top coat of paint onto the pre-primed surface.

Typically this unit is supplied with our K240 pilaster shafts and K241 capitals, but may be purchased separately for renovating old properties where existing timber plinths may have rotted. The K254 is also suitable for interior use on larger properties.

Install usting the correct adhesives.

53.5cm high x 39cm wide x 6.5cm projection.

Compatible with: K241 Capital, K251 Capital, K253 Capital, K240 Plain Shaft

Made from High density, rigid polyurethane.

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