C358 Luxembourg Lighting Coving

C358 Luxembourg Lighting Coving

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(96.24 exc. VAT)
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Orac Decor Luxxus C358 indirect lighting / uplighting coving cornice features a neat 'rail' linear profile with a small rear grove at the base to create a shadow line. This uplighter coving projects 14cm into the room.  Ideal for medium to larger rooms.

Orac Decor C358 indirect lighting / uplighting coving cornice can be fitted with fluorescent or LED lighting. If heavier flurorescent units we would recommend a mechanical fixing trtough the back plate. Ideally position 15-20cm from the ceiling to allow access to the lighting and for the light to project into the room.

Orac Decor indirect lighting / uplighting coving cornice is simple to install requiring only DIY skills and is supplied with a primer coat of paint so finishing is only with a top coat. To add style and reflect the light an additional coving can be installed above.

C358 indirect lighting / uplighting coving cornice samples are available below in the related products section.

Install using the correct adhesives. The jointing FX is particularly important as the leading edge will not be supported from the ceiling and fusing the joints avoids light creep.

7.3cm high x 14cm deep x 200cm long.

Made from Light weight resilient polyurethane.

Technical drawing PDF

Coving installation guide

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