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Ceiling Domes - Edwardian and Victorian Ceiling Domes

Orac Ceiling Domes Create a stunning effect with our beautiful ceiling domes to add a luxurious dimension to your home. Nothing compares with the impact a dish shaped ceiling dome.

For an easy installation the F10 an ideal choice, as this is surface mounted. Our larger F11 and F12 designs require installation into a ceiling void. Ceiling domes are an attractive embellishment for luxury homes and apartments. Illumination within a dome is gently diffused by the curved walls of a dome, taking the harshness away from bright lamps.


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Orac Décor ceiling domes can be used in many ways, we have been seen them wall mounted to display a trophy. Normally however they are ceiling mounted with light deflected to create a soft feel to your lighting. When fitting the F11 and F12 please be sure of the void space above is adequate for the ceiling dome chosen. All the information you need to install your ceiling dome can be found in the technical section of the product page, please download the ceiling dome installation guide.

We would recommend the use of the FDP700 adhesive and for the F11 and F12 an additional mechanical fixing through the lip into the ceiling joist. Drill a suitable hole into the lip first to avoid splitting. The ceiling dome is supplied with a primer coat of paint so when installed finish with a top coat of your choice. If you have any questions about our ceiling domes please ask using our contacts page.

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